Welcome to Forest Counseling

We are a crisis intervention program the major goal of which is to keep families together by building parenting skills and community supports. Our Intensive In-Home Services are short term, intensive services to families whose children are at risk of out of home placement. The goal is keeping the family intact while building parenting skills and community support. Our intention is to “move in safety and support as opposed to moving the child or children out."

Services are delivered through a strengths based wraparound process that is based on a teaching model that utilizes skill-building to achieve improved child and family relationships. The final product is that families are empowered to stay together.

During the initial stage of the program, an assessment and an immediate safety plan is developed for the family which addresses crisis planning and interventions so parents, with immediate support, become experienced in a positive approach to crisis and behavioral issues.

Families have access to our staff 24 hours a day and the specialist meets with the family an average of 8-10 hours a week. The family, our specialist and the referral source (Children’s Division) meet once a week during the 4 to 6 week intervention period.

Criteria for Services

- One or more children must be at immediate risk of out of home placement;
- Children from conception to age 17;
- Participation of the child and at least one parent is required. All family members are encouraged to participate;
- Assessment must be jointly completed with the family, referral source and our staff within 24 hours of initial referral;
- Safey must be assured for the at risk child/ren, their family, the community and the Forest Counseling staff.

We Provide Services Based On Your Family's Needs:

- Parenting education;
- Family therapy;
- Building communication skills;
- Building skills to help you improve the upkeep of your home;
- Help to obtain needed food, utility, clothing or other assistance;
- Help with budgeting and financial planning;
- Building skills so you can independently seek out and get needed resources for your family in the future.

Need More Information?

For additional information on our programs or locations, please call us at 417-546-6003 or email us here..